Magic Pranks for Holiday Parties

By Christian Braglia

Welcome, today we will show you 10 tricks to amaze all your friends, and to do so we will show you the video of EvanEraTV in which we show them all. Good Video. The jokes that are in this video are,

-How To Carve An Ice Sculpture Using Magic

-Santa Prank White Balloon Snowball Throw Fake Out Prank Snowflake Cut Out

-Playing Card Reveal Party Trick Funny Eating Christmas Glitter Magic Prank

-Revealed Magic Self Stirring Mug of Hot Chocolate Trick Gross Jelly Punch Bowl

-Holiday Party Prank Magic Appearing Rainbow Paper Streamers Party Trick

-Appearing Egg from Egg Nog Drink Trick Amazing Christmas Cookie Cutters

-Card Trick Funny Fake Bicycle Gift Wrap Prank Playing Card to Christmas Tree Ornament Trick

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